Spring 2022 IS496 Student Machine Instruction

Student Machines

In this course, four Linux servers (a.k.a. student machines) are provided for you to access remotely in order to complete the programming assignments (sections CN3 and CN4) and the mini-project (section CN4 only). The operating system of the student machines is Ubuntu 20.04 ("focal fossa"). You may connect to any of the following machines using Secure Shell (SSH) from the campus wired and wireless networks, using your NetID and password:


Acceptable Use

These student machines are dedicated to the class assignments in IS 496 only. These machines should not be used for: Programs that violate these guidelines may be terminated without notice, with an explanation given to the responsible user. Gross violations may result in banning the user from the system. If you are unable to use a machine due to interference from another program, please contact the instructor or the TA with the name of the machine and any relevant information.

Connect to Student Machines via SSH

From MacOS and Linux

From Windows

You will need an SSH client, such as Windows Terminal or PuTTY.

Remote access from off-campus

To access the student machines, you will need to connect to the campus VPN. More information about the campus VPN can be found here.

Transfer Files

From Command Line

You may use SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) to securely transfer computer files between your local machine and a student server using the following command:

From FTP/SFTP Client

You may also use an FTP/SFTP client (e.g., Cyberduck, FileZilla) to transfer files between your local machine and the student machines. Please refer to the webpage of each FTP/SFTP client for more information about the installation and usage.