IS496 - Computer Networks - Spring 2023


Monday: 1 pm - 2:55 pm, Online, Lecture Zoom


  • Prof. Dong Wang
    dwang24 at illinois dot edu
    Office Hours: By Appointment: Monday - Friday (Office Hour Zoom)

  • TA: Lanyu Shang
    lshang3 at illinois dot edu
    Office Hours: Monday 10 am - noon, or By Appointment (Office Hour Zoom)

  • TA: Huimin Zeng
    huiminz3 at illinois dot edu
    Office Hours: Friday 6 -8 pm, or By Appointment (Office Hour Zoom)

  • Textbook

    Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie, "Computer Networks, A Systems Approach", Morgan Kaufmann Publishers (Elsevier), 5th Edition, ISBN-10: 0123850592 | ISBN-13: 978-0123850591.

    Getting Help

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  • Grades and Lecture Notes and Handouts are available on Canvas.
  • Course Overview

    The goal of this course is to introduce students to fundamental topics of principles, design, implementation, and performance of computer networks. In addition, students will explore networking techniques and protocols using hands-on experiments. This course will provide the Computer Networking foundation necessary for more advanced CSE courses, including Network Management, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, etc. Topics include: Internet architecture, protocols, socket programming, congestion control, switching and routing, local area networks, mobile and ad-hoc networks, network security, the end-to-end arguments and resource allocation.

    Course Documents

  • Syllabus

  • Programming Team Sign Up on Canvas

  • Student Machine Instruction

  • Programming Assignment 1

  • Homework Assignment 1

  • Programming Assignment 2

  • Homework Assignment 2

  • Programming Assignment 3

  • Course Mini-Project (Graduate Students Only)
  • Tentative Schedule

    Note: Lecture notes are available on Canvas Modules.

    Note: The dates of the assignments are tentative and subject to changes and the confirmed dates will be released under Course Documents listed above.

    Week Lecture Readings
    Jan. 23 Introduction to Computer Networks Reading:
    Chapter 1: Section 1.1-1.5
    Extra Reading: Evolution of Computer Networks
    Programming Group Sign-up, due on Jan. 30
    Jan. 30 Introduction Cont. and Socket Programming I Reading:
    Beej's Guide to Network Programming
    Extra Reading: Wireshark
    Programming Assignment 1 is out and due on Feb. 20
    Feb. 6 Socket Programming II Reading:
    Socket Programming in Python
    Feb. 13 Socket Programming II and Network Performance Reading:
    Chapter 1: Section 1.5
    Extra Reading: History of Ethernet
    Feb. 20 Connecting to a Network I and Socket Programming III Reading:
    Chapter 2: Section 2.1
    Extra Reading: A Seminal Paper in Wireless Networks
    Homework Assignment 1 is out and due on March 3
    Programming Assignment 2 is out and due on March 20
    Feb. 27 Connecting to a Network II Reading:
    Chapter 2: Section 2.2-2.3
    Extra Reading: 3D Animation: How Packet Travels in Network
    Mar. 6 Connecting to a Network II and Mid-term Exam 1 Reading:
    Chapter 2: Section 2.4
    Mid-term Exam 1
    Mar. 13 Spring Break
    Mar. 20 Connecting to a Network II and Local Area Networks Reading:
    Chapter 2: Section 2.5-2.8
    Homework Assignment 2 is out and due on Mar. 31
    Programming Assignment 3 is out and due on April 17
    Course Mini-Project (Graduate Students Only) is out and prposal is due on April 3 and final report is due on May 5
    Mar. 27 Connecting to a Network III and Internet Protocol I Reading:
    Chapter 3: Section: 3.1-3.2
    Extra Reading: Hub vs Switch vs Router
    Apr. 3 Internet Protocol II Reading:
    Chapter 3: Section: 3.2
    Extra Reading: Wireshark IP
    Apr. 10 Internet Protocol II Reading:
    Chapter 3: Section: 3.2
    Apr. 17 Internet Protocol II and Routing Reading:
    Chapter 3: Section: 3.2-3.3
    Extra Reading: What is IoT?
    Apr. 24 Routing and TCP
    Chapter 5: Section: 5.1-5.2;
    May 1 End-to-End Argument and Network Security
    Chapter 8: Section 8.1
    Extra Reading: The Future of Computer Networking
    May 8
    Mid-term Exam 2 Mid-term Exam 2 due by end of May 8