Dong's Photo

Dr. Dong Wang

Associate Professor
Director of Social Sensing & Intelligence Lab
School of Information Sciences
Informatics Program
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Email: dwang24 at illinois dot edu

The SSI Lab has multiple openings for Postdoc Research Associate. If you are interested in working with us after reading our research profile and recent publications, please feel free to contact Prof. Wang. Here is the recruitment flyer for Postdoc in 2024!

Research Theme

The rising of artificial intelligence (AI), the advent of massive information dissemination opportunities (e.g., online social media), and the proliferation of a wide variety of sensors and smart devices in the possession of individuals allow humans to create a deluge of data about their cyber and physical environments and interact with such environments via their individual and collective behaviors. This opens up unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the field of Social Sensing & Intelligence (SSI) , where the goal is to (i) distill accurate and credible information from humans and devices in their possession that accurately describe the state of the physical world, and (ii) explore the collective intelligence from both humans and machines by understanding their complementary strengths and interactions. Our research addresses the aforementioned needs by building interdisciplinary theories, techniques and tools for fundamentally understanding, modeling, and evaluating the human-centered computing and information (HCCI) systems, and for accurately reconstructing the correct "state of the world”, both physical and social. Our vision is to build the next generation of HCCI systems that empower people to better understand, make, and utilize sound decisions by fully harnessing the power of human-centric data, models, and intelligence.